photographic material that allows us to contemplate the most important personal and artistic facts of Astor's life.


Letters from Astor himself addressed to his family, friends and musicians. It includes the writing made by him, speaking to himself.




Exhaustive editing work done with the unpublished audio material recorded in 1986 by the writer and journalist Diana Piazzolla - Astor's eldest daughter - in which one you can listen to the musician telling the moments most important artistic of his career and being questioned on the most diverse themes ever explored before.

Play list

Given their health problems ... If they have to cut my hand to cut it, I write with the left-handed.m4a

Enjoyment is listening to others. Playing is playing, its a game, its a beauty .m4a

The Quintet, The biggest stained glass window of my whole life starts there .m4a

The creation ... It is a moment of alienation, of ecstasy .m4a

María of Buenos Aires, It was an artistic success but with two rows of theater all night long.m4a

I wonder ... I can write better than last year .m4a

Your self-demand ... I tell myself, Piazzolla set free, will throw.m4a

His other passion, When I fish I think its what Im going to compose the next day .m4a

Playing the bandoneon ... I bend over, dance, move and enjoy .m4a

Play at the Teatro Colón You fought me .. here I am.m4a